About "Calling All Canines...And Their Owners"

Not only has "Calling All Canines...And Their Owners" recieved five star reviews from its' readers and canine professionals, but it has garnered outstanding editorial reviews as well.

Training starts from the moment you bring your pet into your home. When you understand WHY your dog thinks the way he does, training should and can be fun for you and the entire family as well as for your pet. Although they are all unique with their own individual personalities, some dogs are more dominant and some are more submissive. However, they are all fundamentally the same and need to be taught what you want and expect from them, but in a manner they can instinctively understand.

This book is the result of more than 20 years of experience with dog behaviorism and training in homes. It’s an easy to read quick reference book that addresses common behaviors that dogs exhibit and what to do about them. Sheri Venza is a Dog Trainer who has been going to people's homes, the dog's 'territory' for over 20 years. Her goal is to make the training process fun for both owner and pet without the use of food, toys, or other unnecessary items. She says there is no such thing as a 'bad dog.'

Behavioral issues, regardless of what they are, usually originate or become worse in the dog's home. Dogs can exhibit the same behaviors but for very different reasons. The cause of a particular behavior needs to be determined in order for the appropriate training program to be implemented. Sheri says you must treat your dog like the pack animal he is, to have him behave like the dog you want, so you can then treat him like the person you wish he was!

"Calling All Canines…And Their Owners by Sheri Venza is a fantastic read for those wanting to train their dogs but don’t have a lot of time to sit around and read about it first. Perfect for on-the-go reading, its small size easily fits into bags and can be finished in only a few short sessions. The book is also great for kids who want to be involved in training. The contained methods are easy to adopt, regardless of education level or prior experience with animals. Sit, read, heel!"

- Vicki Liston, Amazon Reviews

"Calling All Canines...And Their Owners" can be purchased in your choice of either paperback or digital download for Kindle. Get your copy today and start on the path to a deeper connection between you and your dog that will last a lifetime!