About Sheri

Sheri Venza is a canine behavior specialist with over 25 years experience with training people and their dogs in the dog’s environment. She is the published author of ‘Calling All Canines…And Their Owners’, and offers her extensive experience to all dog owners!

There is no such thing as a ‘bad dog’. Dogs can exhibit the same behaviors but for very different reasons. Behavioral issues, regardless of what they are, usually originate or become worse in the dog’s home. The goal is to have a foundation of leadership in the home first, where a dog spends the majority of their time, so they are then prepared for success in progressively distracting environments. This can be accomplished without the use of unnecessary food, toys, gadgets, etc.

The commitment of consistency and repetition with training is what builds the bond between dog and owner which ultimately ensures a lifetime of success for both human and pack animal. A well behaved, well mannered dog in all situations enables both owner and dog to have a happier, more enriched life.

Sheri is consistently recommended by the veterinary community as well as kennels, groomers and other dog professionals who see the difference in behavior with Calling All Canine trained dogs.

Much of her success is related to her respectful, caring and passionate approach to dogs and their owners.